Our Approach

We specialize in purpose-driven, creative solutions for real estate. Here’s what that purpose means to us.

Why We Exist


Our mission is to unite the private and public sectors for real estate development projects that generate both returns and neighborhoods that are attainable, stable and filled with opportunities.


We invest in the future of neighborhoods: places where opportunities outnumber obstacles, zip codes never define potential, and children have chances and choices to succeed.

What does this mean?

  • We look at more than financial returns to measure success. We account for how our projects contribute to a more attainable, thriving neighborhood. We value collaboration and input from the community as part of our outcomes.
  • There are plenty of firms out there that put profit above all else. We are not one of those firms. We seek projects that benefit communities, business owners, developers and generations to come.
  • Collaboration is our strength. Our team is highly skilled at finding common ground between the public sector, private interests, and everyone impacted by development.

What We Value

We hold ourselves accountable to our core values and beliefs as a team. We hope you will hold us accountable, too.

Powerful Conversations

We value our ability to find common ground with people of every background. We enjoy sharing our expertise and learning about others in return. We believe there is always an answer that benefits everyone if we’re willing to come together around one common goal.

True Alliances

We value building relationships based on earned, mutual trust from partners. We find strength in being “in the middle” and working at the intersections of many different sectors. We don’t settle for the easy way out—we aim for impact and return on investment, no matter what it takes.

Enduring Investments

We value follow-through over short-term gains. We firmly believe there’s nothing more important than holding each other accountable for our commitments. We aim to be remembered not by name but through what we do for others. We know that doing the right thing pays off in every way.

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