Our Capabilities

We find creative ways to bring people together for developments that improve communities. Through our innovative approaches to these initiatives, we open the door to more inclusive, healthier, prosperous neighborhoods for everyone.

What goes into a thriving community?


We focus on mixed-income, affordable housing to transform the livability and equity of communities. To date, we have supported the investment of over four billion dollars in high-quality affordable housing communities, providing over 20,000 homes.

  • Expanding Opportunities for Housing: We strategically use a variety of financial tools, including institutional debt, private equity, tax exemptions, tax-exempt bonds and federal tax credits, to foster collaboration between housing authorities and private developers. We leverage the benefits from these tools to effectively attract private investment and lower financing costs for affordable housing.
  • Redefining Affordable Housing: We set a higher standard for affordable housing by ensuring safety, comfort, and sustainability. Our commitment to these standards ensures improved living conditions and long-term value for residents and communities.

Education Access

Education, especially early learning, plays a crucial role in the success of a community’s children. Our education initiative intersects with housing to ensure communities are sustainable and prosperous.

  • Affordable Housing for Educators: We address the housing challenges educators face by partnering with developers, school districts, and policy makers. Together, we increase high-quality housing availability near schools, benefiting those who shape our future.
  • Promotion of Early Childhood Learning: We leverage similar strategies as affordable housing, as well as partnerships, to finance and construct early childhood learning centers, ensuring all Texan children have access to quality early education.

Food Access

Universal access to food is integral to building thriving communities. Good food does more than nourish bodies and minds. It spurs investment into neighborhoods and proves, once and for all, that food deserts don’t have to exist. We can imagine more innovative solutions—and then we can make it happen together.

  • Expanding Opportunities for Housing: We leverage private, public and philanthropic resources to incentivize collaboration among operators, investors, and local communities, making projects viable while they deliver essential services.
  • Eliminating Food Deserts: We promote policies and allocate resources aimed at enhancing the availability, variety and affordability of fresh, healthy food.

Economic Development

We use economic development tools to support a firm’s beneficial investment in a community. These investments include retail shopping centers, distribution centers, and master-planned communities. This pillar is highly specific to the neighborhood’s needs and the stakeholders involved—please check out our Case Studies to see economic development in action.

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